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When You Leave

  • Discharge is advised by the treating consultant after the clinical round.
  • Complete process takes 2-3 hours. However TPA (Cashless) patients may need longer time.
  • The medical file are sent to the reception for clearance and then to the billing department.
  • You may need to finalize your hospital accounts properly before leaving the organization.
  • Before leaving the ward, patient is handed over with detailed discharge summary, which includes doctor's advice on their further follow-up treatment, daily routine diet, and medical prescription.
  • In case the patient needs a medical certificate, he/she has to inform the doctor or nurse in advance so that it can be prepared before the patient's leaves.
  • Discharge clearance - "No Dues Certificate" has to be collected from the Discharge Counter after completing the payment formalities.
  • The Ward-in-Charge shall explain the discharge summary along with post - discharge advises specially medication, diet, next follow-up date etc.
  • The doctors may give the patient an appointment for follow-up at the Speciality / Outpatient Clinic. If the patient needs to reschedule the outpatient appointment after discharge, they can feel free to contact the concerned doctor.
  • After discharge, you can also contact our Pharmacy to purchase the advised medicines.
  • When you leave, please make sure you take your belongings, valuables and X-rays home & also check the room and wardrobe thoroughly for your personal items.


For the first 24 hours after your procedure it is important that you.  
  • Do not drive a car
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not remain on your own (unless approved by your specialist)
  • Do not make complex or legal decisions
We advise that you should be in the company of a responsible adult for 24 hours after a procedure. You may be asked to follow detailed instructions after you leave hospital. These may include medication instructions also.