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General Medicine & Surgery

Aditya Hospital offers functional healthcare during your hospitalization for general medicine and general surgery. We work hard to gain a full understanding of the health issues your family is dealing with, and will provide the best treatment options to restore wellness. Whether you’re dealing with a standard procedure or a more complex emergency situation, the staff at Aditya Hospital has it covered.  

General medicine

One of the things that clearly separates Strong Internal Medicine from other practices is our team approach. Our unique combination of highly respected faculty members, experienced nurses and nurse practitioners, and gifted young residents provides patients with an exceptional level of care. Any amount of time in the hospital may affect your ability to safely get in and out of bed, move from place to place and take care of yourself.  
High-quality personalized care
Hospitalization can be a stressful time for patients and their families. Aditya Hospital physicians and patient care teams are available to answer any questions to help you better understand your admission. Aditya Hospital goal is to make your stay as comfortable and efficient as possible.  
Through our medical consultation service, our physicians are able to collaborate with other physicians in our health system. As a team, Aditya hospital work with you and your family to address your specific medical needs in the context of your overall health history. That level of high-quality coordinated care continues even after you return home.  
Outdoor, indoor and emergency services are available round the clock.  
  • Emergency Medical Care: Facility from casualty to the intensive care is available for diagnosis and management of medical emergencies. The physician and his/her team are the first to attend on such patients.
  • Routine Medical Care: Beside routine examination and diagnosis of diseases followed by investigation and treatment, all types of fever and infections, are also managed by the department. Specialized tests, use of rapid bacterial culture and sensitivity techniques, other investigation modalities provides the best quality support for these.

General surgery

At Aditya Hospital, we believe a personal approach to understanding your individual needs is the best way to treat you. Aditya Hospital will use advanced imaging to diagnose your condition and develop a precise, individualized treatment plan. Our team is experienced in performing a range of routine and complex surgical procedures. The service of a general surgeon is available round-the-clock, to attend any surgical emergency in the hospital.