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Room Facilities

You will be provided the room type that you have requested for. In case the room type specified by you is not available, we will allot the best alternative room available. You have a choice of the following room types:  
All rooms are well maintained with nurse-call facilities :  
  • General Ward
  • Semi Private Ward
  • Private Room
  • Deluxe AC Room
  • Recovery Ward
  • In your room you will find a bedside table, drawers and a cupboard for storage space. Feel free to place your belongings where they are convenient for you.

  • You will find two handset controls beside your bed. One of these allows you to raise and lower the head and foot of your bed. If you have any difficulties operating this, please ask a nurse for assistance. The second control operates the television, room lighting and nurse call.

  • A television is provided for your entertainment, telephone is provided for your convenience at your bedside. All calls can be made from your telephone.

  • Due to the possible interference with medical equipment, the use of mobile telephones and all wireless communication devices is not permitted in critical areas, such as Intensive Care Units, Operating Theatres, and Special Care Nurseries. In general ward areas, mobile phones should not be used within one meter of any medical equipment. There are lounge areas on all wards where mobile phones can be safely used without causing any interference with equipment.

  • Please note that Aditya Hospital does not accept liability for lost or damaged personal items or valuables. As such, you are advised not to bring valuables and/or large sums of money with you. It is recommended that you label your personal belongings clearly so they can be easily located if misplaced.

  • If you are taking regular medication, please bring it to the Hospital Pharmacy in its original packaging and hand it to your nurse so that your medication can be professionally monitored during your stay.

If you have difficulties the nursing staff will be pleased to help you.