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Human Resources

Employees Rights

  • To be aware of the hospital policies pertaining to staff employment and staff rules and regulations and any changes if any.
  • To be aware of terms and conditions of employment.
  • To avail all the benefits extended by the organization to the employees.
  • To be treated respectfully and not discriminated on the basis of caste, religion, sex or socio-economic background.

Employees Responsibilities:

  • To be aware of all hospital policies and procedures regarding his/her area of work.
  • All employees are expected to maintain complete confidentiality in respect to the documents and patient information that they handle and not disclose to any information to any unauthorized person.
  • The hospital functions on a 24-hour basis and employees may be required to work overtime whenever there is workload and necessity.
  • In order to ensure that the duty roster is maintained, leave should be planned well in advance and prior sanction must be taken before proceeding on leave.
  • They shall ensure that all personnel and confidential papers are kept securely.
  • The employee is responsible for ensuring that the equipment allocated to them in use in their work is used and maintained in accordance with the standard operation guidelines.
  • All employees are expected to adhere to an accepted dress code (Nursing Staff) and wear the Formal clothing for all employees.
  • All employees are expected to display their Identity badges, while on duty in the hospital premises.

Instructions at the time of joining.

The following documents have to be submitted at the time of joining :  
  • Filled Application Form.
  • SSC, HSC, Graduation, PG Certificates/Marks Sheets, Registration Certificate (Medical Council of India, Delhi Medical Council is essential for doctors) & relieving and experience certificate from previous employer.

(Original Certificates for verification)

  • Three passport size colored photographs.
  • Provident Fund Declaration (P.F.) Forms has to be filled if entitled for it.
  • Open Bank Account in IDBI and give that A/c Number along with copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) at H.R./Finance Department.
  • Medical Checkup – Employee Health Checkup with reports.

Probationary Period

According to HR policy of Aditya Hospital, Indore the probationary period of employees are 6 months. The organization has legal right to terminate the employees with probationary period without any prior notice for any reason and it can be extended from time to time depending upon his or her performance.
Identity Cards and Permits:
  • Every employee/workman will be provided with an identity card, badge, and punch card
  • Every employee/workman shall wear ID Card.
  • If an employee/workman loses identity card, badge, he/she shall immediately report to HR Manager, and a new card, badge shall be issued to him on payment of the cost of the card/badge as may be notified by the Management from time to time.
  • If the identity card/badge/punch card becomes illegible or disfigured due to wear & tear, the management will replace it without any charge.
  • On the termination of service or on being suspended from work, the employee/workman concerned shall surrender his card/ badge/ punch card to the issuing authority or its authorized representative.
Entry, Exit and Search.
  • (a) All employee/workman shall enter and leave the works premises only by the gates provided for the purpose. Employee/Workman shall not leave the works premises during duty hours except without the permission in writing (Gate Pass) of the Competent Authority, which shall be shown at the gate.

Change of Address/Phone No. /Email.

An employee/workman must notify the Management immediately on appointment the details of his residential Address/Phone/Email and thereafter promptly communicate any change of his residential address/phone no. /email. In case the employee/workman has not communicated the change in his residential address/phone no. /email, his last known details shall be treated by the management as his proof for sending any communication  
Resignation :
  • Employee/Workman, other than those who have executed a bond to serve the Institution for a specified period, who wishes to leave the services must give 1 month notice to the Organization.
  • If an employee/workman leaves the services from the Organization without giving requisite notice, the management may deduct from unpaid wages/dues payable from him/her, a sum equivalent to the period of notice which he/she is required to give. If no such wages/dues are payable to him/her, he/she shall pay the sum equivalent to the notice period wages before his resignation is accepted and he is relieved from Institution’s services.
Discharge and Termination of Service :
Management may terminate the services of an employee/workman after giving the following notice or after payment of wages in lieu thereof :  
  • (a) In the case permanent employee/workman, one month’s notice.
  • In the case of substitutes and casual workman, no notice.
Disciplinary Processes and Procedures :
Depending upon the gravity of incidence, disciplinary authority while dealing with misconduct of employees in Aditya Hospital, Indore, the term ‘misconduct’ is seen with reference to the Policies, Rules and Regulations applicable to all categories of employees.  
Employees Grievance Procedure :
Aditya Hospital, Indore management believes in the philosophy of an open door policy in the matter of redressal of grievances, and an aggrieved employee is welcome to meet his Departmental Head or the concerned Personnel Officer and discuss his grievances.  


Leave :( After 6 months of Probationary Period)  
The employees of Aditya Hospital, Indore are entitled for following leaves:-  
Casual Leave 07 days per year (after 6 months of joining)
Earned Leave 30 days per year (after 12 months of joining)
National Festival & Holidays 7 days
Monthly OFFs 4 OFF days
Uniform :-
Uniform is provided for Nursing Staff, Technician, Nursing staff, Security Staff, Housekeeping and Dietetics Staff etc. two pairs of uniform once in a year. One pair is Payable and One pair is on Hospital side  
Provident Fund :-
As per The Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 12% of the employees contribution and 12% of the employers contribution will be deposited with the P.F. Department for the employees who are the member of this scheme.  


  • The only way to do a job in the Aditya Hospital is the safe way. Urgency is not a justifiable excuse for neglecting safety.
  • Know your job thoroughly, when in doubt, do not indulge in guess work, ask your supervisor.
  • Do not handle or operate machinery, tools and equipment’s without authorization.
  • Be alert and observe keenly. Report immediately any faulty equipment, unsafe condition or act, and defective or broken equipment’s.
  • Stay physically and emotionally fit for work by maintaining good health and a proper diet. Abstain from alcoholic drinks. Take sufficient rest and practice cleanliness.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Wash your hands often in many areas of the hospital. This is absolutely necessary.
  • Wear proper uniform or clothing for your job: Neither to tight nor too loose. Tight clothing does not permit freedom of movement, while loose one runs the risk of getting entangled. Jewelry and high-heeled footwear may be hazardous.
  • Prevent the spread of infection and contagious disease. Cooperate with the hospital infection control committee by observing established procedures. When you are ill with an infectious disease, report to the doctor immediately and stay at home.
  • Walk, not run, particularly when you are carrying delicate, breakable article or instrument.
  • If you see some foreign material, loose wire, oil spill, etc., on the floor that may cause an accident, make sure it is removed as once.
  • Pay attention to all warning boards. Their signs caution you about dangerous and hazards that may cause injury or harm. For example, smoking in an area where oxygen is being administered or oxygen cylinders are stored.
  • Always remember to use handrails on stairways or ramps. They are there to ensure your safety and are meant to be used by all, not just the sick and the old.