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Under Aditya Hospital, “Ravi Medicos” has well relevant and modern pharmacy setup. They provides round the clock and timely delivery wide range of medicines. Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants and support staff of the Pharmacy Department provide compassionate care to inpatients and ambulatory care patients at the Aditya Hospital.  
At “Ravi Medicos”, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants work in collaboration at the Aditya Hospital. Pharmacists interact with other health- care professionals and provide clinical services for patients by using an evidence-based approach to monitor and optimize drug therapy outcomes.  
Pharmacists also give patients a variety of professional services that provide maximum benefit within minimum adverse effects of drug therapy. For example, pharmacists cooperate with physicians in each department to provide pharmaceutical care not only for inpatients, but also for outpatients in pharmacist managed to improve the outcome of drug therapy and to minimize the adverse effects.