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Vascular Surgery

Aditya Hospital team specially-trained, experts provide complete care in treating patients with vascular disease - diseases that block, narrow or enlarge arteries affecting blood circulation to the legs, abdomen, kidneys, intestines or neck.  
In many cases, vascular surgery is used to open up blocked or narrowed blood vessels that affect your blood flow. Poor blood flow can cause serious medical conditions. However, vascular surgery can also be used to strengthen blood vessels or remove damaged vessels. Vascular surgeons also help create ports, openings in veins or arteries that are used to provide treatment like dialysis or chemotherapy.  
During vascular surgery, our surgeons repair your blood vessels to restore blood flow. Depending on your condition, the vessels may be cleared of plaque build-up, widened to allow more blood flow, held open by a stent, closed off from blood flow or even removed. The ultimate goal with each surgery is to promote healthy blood flow using the most minimally invasive procedure possible.  
You benefit from their combined expertise, backed by a team of specialized nurses, technicians, therapists and others devoted to consistently delivering excellent cardiovascular care.