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Patients often don’t realize the essential role of anesthesiologist, when you going into surgery and Aditya Hospital Anesthesia Care are Team plays in making sure that operations go evenly/fluently and with safety.  
Aditya Hospital Anesthesia Care Team is made up of physicians and non physicians, including physician anesthesiologists, anesthesiology resident physicians, anesthesiologist assistants and nurse anesthetists. Each team member has an essential role. They work together to provide the excellent care for patients.  
Aditya Hospital Anesthesia Care Team may changes during your case due to shift changes or other reasons, but be guaranteed that you will NEVER be left alone while under the effects of anesthesia. However, at least one anesthesiologist (physician) or nurse anesthetist will be with you at all times during your procedure/operation.  

Operating Room (OR) Care

If you are undergoing surgery at Aditya Hospital, our top priorities is the success of your surgery, your relaxation, and your safe postoperative conclusions.
Many patients undergoing major surgery require admission to intensive care units following their surgery. Intensive care units at Aditya Hospital are staffed by multi-disciplinary teams of experts; many of these are anesthesiologists who provide continuity of care from the operating room to the intensive care unit.