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Patient Guide

General Information

Aditya Hospital is a balanced mix of skills, talent and experience, focused on various types of diseases, with using latest technology in treatment process.  

Information for Inpatients

You are requested to complete all formalities at reception and register your patient at Emergency/Help Desk.  

Your Stay :

Your Rooms:  All rooms are well maintained with nurse-call facilities :  
  • General Ward
  • Semi Private Ward
  • Private Room
  • Deluxe AC Room
  • Recovery Ward

Room Transfer

Your Visitors

  • Transfer from A Ward to B Ward, it will be depend on the availability of bed and consent of the treating doctor.
  • For room transfer, application is to be deposited at the respective nursing station
  • Please restrict the number of your visitors at the hospital to avoid overcrowding.
  • Patient’s relatives can stay at Waiting Lounge in the Ground Floor with the permission from Administration.

Your Doctor

Your Medicine

  • For any progress of treatment and detailed briefing of your patient, please discuss with your consultant doctor under whom your patient is admitted.
  • The staff nurse and junior doctor can also help you.
  • Any referral or transfer of case is made as per the instruction of your consultant, so for any type of further clarification if required, please discuss with the treating Doctor only.
  • All medicines as prescribed by the treating doctor shall be provided by our hospital pharmacy.
  • All medicines are available at the Hospital pharmacy where strict quality control is maintained.
  • All indoor corporate patients are also supplied with medicines on credit basis subjected to prior approval.

Your Valuables

Your Discharge

  • Please remove all your valuables e.g. Money, Mobile, Jewelry, Watch etc. before admission.
  • The Hospital will not be liable under any circumstances for any loss of such articles.
  • Routine discharges normally take place 12:00 p.m. Routine discharges normally take place 12:00 p.m.
  • However for Corporate patients & TPA patients, discharges continue till 5.00 p.m.
  • No change in medical record is entertained at the time of discharge.
  • If any reason, you need to release your patient from the Hospital on your own (without Doctor’s advice), you can do so only after signing all the formalities.

Know About Your Bills

Facilities Available

  • The billing counter is open 24 hrs.
  • Room Charges are posted everyday including on the date of admission and date of discharge.
  • Security Deposit paid at the time of admission shall be adjusted at the time of final billing.
  • Deposit covering approximate charges of surgery is to be made before the surgical operation.
  • Please enquire about your outstanding bill every third day from Reception/Help Desk Counter and clear the pending amount, if any.
  • For patient, doctor’s fees are billed as per the fix instruction from the Consultant.
  • Please enquire about tariffs and rates from "Help Desk / Reception" on or after admission.
  • Patient with serious life risk problems are admitted to highly specialized intensive care units.
  • Each Operation Theatre Complex is equipped with the most modern equipment to ensure sterile condition, including UV air Sterilizer and streamlined Ventilation system.
  • Specialists of all departments are available for consultancy for a nominal fee only.
  • All Diagnostic facilities are available to both Indoor & Outdoor patients.
  • Well stocked Pharmacy Services (24 Hours).


While leading specialists for various branches of medicine are available for consultation, the center has its own complement of resident registrars, medical officers and administrative and staff to ensure smooth running of the hospital round the clock with patients getting attention whenever required.


  • Smoking & spitting are strictly prohibited in the Hospital premises.
  • Litter to be dropped in “Bins” kept at specific points only.
  • Do not shift or repair electronic items of the hospital, nor bring from outside for use in the hospital.
  • Do not keep windows open while AC is on.
  • Do not operate Oxygen/Vacuum yourself.
  • Do not wash personal clothes within the hospital premises.
  • Do not allow your visitor to sit on your bed or overstay after the visiting hours.
  • Please ensure that you leave the toilet as clean as you found them before use.

Patient Rights

  • Every Patient has a right to guaranteed, competent high quality care and treatment given with respect and dignity.
  • Patients have a right to be informed about the diagnosis of their problems. They also have a right to be informed of any other significant illness, as soon as practicably possible.
  • Patients have the right to be able to talk freely to their Doctor. They have a right to know the name and functions of all doctors involved directly in their care.
  • Patients have a right to be informed in regards to the costs involved in their care.
  • Patients have the right to know the hospital rules and regulations applicable to them.
  • Patients have the right to participate in the decision on the type of treatment selected for them.
  • Do not allow your visitor to sit on your bed or overstay after the visiting hours.
  • Please ensure that you leave the toilet as clean as you found them before use.

Patient Responsibility

  • Each patient is responsible for informing the team/Consultant/ Technician if he/she is unable to follow instructions or finds them unclear..
  • Patients are responsible for cooperation and compliance to diet restrictions, medications, and other procedures needed for treatment
  • Patients are responsible for following hospital policies and procedures.
  • Patients are responsible for careful use of hospital supplies and property.
  • Patients are responsible for addressing their concerns and raise questions if any, which they might have about their care.

Patient Safety

  • Survey staff in individual units and throughout the hospital to assess and improve the culture of patient safety.
  • We Count surgical instruments and sponges before and after procedures.
  • We use qualified nurses and maintain appropriate round-the-clock staffing levels in Care Units and other patient areas.