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Connected Care

Provides you connected care that fits your life

Nothing matters more than your health. That’s why our whole care team is connected — to you, and to each other — to make it faster and easier to get the care you need. From doctors sharing information to improve your care, to digital tools that make it easy to manage your health, everything works together to help you thrive — and fit your life. That’s the power of teamwork of Aditya Hospital.  
We qualitatively and quantitatively measure the quality of care we provide to our patients and their satisfaction with the care received. This encompasses compliance to structural safety norms like equipment maintenance and fire safety, adherence to patient and staff safety processes and measurement of clinical outcomes.  
Quality is a backbone of our patient care and we ensure that our staff are well trained in policies, implementation and monitoring of best practices so that they deliver world class care to each patient.  
When the patient comes to you, you become responsible for the care of that patient, whether in or out of the hospital. So that is the vision of our organization – a connected system. We work hard to keep you healthy. But if you do get sick, our care team works even harder to help you get well. Our expert care teams collaborate across specialties to deliver quicker diagnoses and more efficient treatment for faster recoveries. It is about steps and processes being streamlined so that the patient gets the best experience, the best outcomes, the lowest risk and the lowest cost.