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What Makes Us Better. . Makes You Better. .

Through our mixed portfolio of well-established & matured facilities, we provide treatment for diseases by a variety of clinical personnel using technical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. We have a collaborative work ecosystem, where the collective efficiencies are harnessed for delivering the best possible care.  
Your choice & wish is our commitment. A commitment to serve patients and ensure their wellbeing and recovery in the shortest possible time. Choosing the right hospital for your medical needs is always a difficult choice for a patient or guardian. Trust has gained an enviable reputation of delivering any treatment need of our patients irrespective of its complexity. Aditya Hospital provides you quality healthcare which is came only with commitment.  

Your Valuable Rights towards “Aditya” :

  • Every Patient has a right to guaranteed, competent high quality care and treatment given with respect and dignity.
  • Patients have a right to be informed about the diagnosis of their problems. They also have a right to be informed of any other significant illness, as soon as practicably possible.
  • Patients have the right to be able to talk freely to their Doctor. They have a right to know the name and functions of all doctors involved directly in their care.
  • Patients have a right to be informed in regards to the costs involved in their care.
  • Patients have the right to know the hospital rules and regulations applicable to them.
  • Patients have the right to participate in the decision on the type of treatment selected for them.